Savoury Scrumptiousness

We all have those times when only savoury will do. These recipes may help for a scrumptious snack.

Shrimp and rocket lemon drizzle Broghie

Shrimp and arugla with a lemon drizzle on a Broghie!

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Cheese On Broast

Missing cheese on toast? This recipe is for you and…

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Sausage, Bacon And Egg McBruffin

A healthier Broghie version of a McMuffin same great taste…

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Veggie Burger In a Broghie

All the fun of a burger with less guilt

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Chicken Salad & Cheese Broghie

A delicious chicken, cheese and salad Broghir great for a…

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Tomato Soup And Broghie

A full recipe for the soup and Broghie

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Bacon Egg And Mushroom Broghie

A delicious fried breakfast in a Broghie

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broghie club sandwich

Broghie Open Club Sandwich

Just look at the picture a perfect low-fat, low-carb replacement…

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Broghie Egg Butty

Missing those fried egg butties? Problem solved!

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Broghie Chicken Crisps

A satisfying replacement for those crisp cravings. Note: This is…

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Broghie Beef Crisps

A satisfying replacement for those crisp cravings. Note: This is…

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Tostada Broghies

Mexican style Tostada Broghies to add just a little spice…

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