Sinfully Sweet But Slimming

Satisfy that sweet tooth with a fraction of the sinful calories.


Low Calorie, Low Sin Weetabix Pancakes

Yummy alternative pancake recipe that won’t expand your waistline

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Fake Chocolates (Frozen)

This is the closest thing we have found to eating…

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Mince Pie Broghies

Yummy much lower calorie alternative to mince pies

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Jam On Broast

Who says you can’t enjoy that jam on toast flavour?

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Bannoffeee Broghie

Banoffee Broghie

A low-calorie twist on a classic dessert. Yummm!

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Peanut Butter Delight

Peanut Butter Choc Delight

This delicious peanut butter and chocolate mix is sure to…

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Nearly Kitkats

Have a healthier break have a nearly Kitkat

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Choc Banana Broghie2

Choc Banana Broghie

A delicious sweet treat you will go bananas for.

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Wafer Broghies

Fake Sweet Wafers

A yummy low calorie alternative to sweet wafers. All the…

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