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Broghies Packaging

When ordering by post we can only fit a certain amount of Broghies in each box. We have listed what we can fit into a box below. We highly recommend you fill the boxes as whether you order 1 bag or 4 the postage will be the same. 

Each Box Can Hold:
4 bags of regular Broghies
6 Bags Mini Broghies
2 Bags of regular Broghies and 4 Bags Of mini Broghies.

Ordering 2 bags of large Broghies with postage would cost a total of £11.70 that's £5.85 per bag
Ordering 4 bags of large Broghies with postage would cost a total of £16.90 that's just £4.22 per bag

We pack all deliveries in sturdy eco-friendly cardboard boxes the cost of packaging is included in the shipping fee.

We send all Broghies using Royal Mail 48-hour tracked, however, we can not be held responsible should they break any of your Broghies in transit we can not possibly control how gentle the many people who will handle the parcel in transit are with your Broghies. If a few of your Broghies are broken they are still edible so sadly we do not offer refunds. We do have some awesome ideas for broken Broghies here. If your Broghies are really badly damaged please contact us with your order details and we will seek compensation from Evri on your behalf, we cannot, however, guarantee they will refund you.

Other Product Packaging

Any other products on our site will be sent in a single parcel separate from any Broghies you may order.  We can not pack Broghies and other products in the same box as the bottles or jars would smash the Broghies in transit.

All syrups or other products are sent in a single parcel using Royal Mail 48-hour tracked.

Please make sure you read our delivery terms (Opens in new tab/window) before ordering as you are agreeing to them when placing any order.


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