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When ordering by post we can only fit a certain amount of Broghies in each box. Please bear the following box sizes in mind when ordering your items.

Small Box Can Hold:
4 bags of regular Broghies
6 Bags Mini Broghies
2 Bags of regular Broghies and 2 Bags Of mini Broghies.

Large Box Can Hold:
12 bags of regular Broghies
6 Bags of regular Broghies and 6 Bags Of mini Broghies.

Tip: Ordering 6 bags of Broghies would be two parcels this will cost you £9.98 in shipping. Ordering 9-12 bags would be one large parcel so just £7.99 for your shipping. Remember Broghies are not bread they have a 4-6 month shelf life so it is safe for you to stock up a little.

If you want to order more than 24 bags please contact us first for the best shipping rate.

We pack all deliveries in sturdy eco-friendly cardboard boxes the cost of packaging is included in the shipping fee.

We selected Hermes as they are the most reasonably priced courier which saves you money, however, we can not be held responsible should Hermes break any of your Broghies in transit. If a few of your Broghies are broken you could see our broken Broghie ideas here. If your Broghies are really badly damaged please contact us with your order details and we will seek compensation from Hermes on your behalf, we cannot, however, guarantee they will refund you.

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