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Our Broghies are probably fresher than you have ever bought in the past, our customers comment on this all the time. How? We buy direct from the manufacturer and sell to you. By cutting out the middlemen we are also cutting out lots of storage and transport time. This will always result in better shelf life and fresher products for you.

Supermarkets pass products through a whole distribution network with multiple periods of storage in each leg of the product's journey before they reach you. 

Yes our site carries a minimum order of £4

We deliver anywhere within 10 miles of Grimsby. Your goods will normally be delivered within two days of ordering. If you are not at home the Broghies will be left in your paper recycling bin (Unless of course it is a bin day and we see it out on the kerb in which case we will pop it in your bottle and cans bin)

We will normally text you to check someone will be in before we come so make sure your mobile number is correct.

When you place your order our site calculates the distance from us to you and charges 35p per mile round trip.

So if you live 3 miles from us you would be billed for a return trip of 3 miles so approximately £2.10

Bear in mind a taxi would charge you between £1.80 and £2.50 per mile we think it is a great deal.

The fee just covers our fuel and the drivers time.

You will always have the option to collect your order any day between 2pm and 8pm.  Just make sure you give us a call before you come to check we are here.

If you are a shift worker and your order is £10 or more you can contact us and we will arrange to deliver to you at a time that suits you.

You have to remember we are a small business we do not have the buying power that supermarkets have. Our wholesale prices are much higher than the big chains. However, we still manage to keep our profit margins low and provide a more personal service and fresher products due to the more direct buying route we employ.

Often our syrups and sauces are actually cheaper than Supermarkets

There are also some great ways to save even more on our products here.

The shelf life of products purchased from us will probably be better than if you were to buy the same goods at supermarkets. Broghies will normally have between 3 and 6 months to the expiry date, mini broghies between 8 months and 1 year.

Other products like Jams and syrups have a good long shelf life too.

Because we are a small business we buy direct from the manufacturers then sell the items to you. When you buy from a big chain the journey of the products probably looks like this;

Manufacturer > Main Distribution Centre > Sub Distribution Centre> Local Distribution Centre > Supermarket Storage > Shelf Storage > To You

Our process is much quicker and direct

Manufacturer >To Us >To You

Sorry, we do not do refunds. Broghies are a fragile product and the manufacturers are very good at getting most of them to us un-broken but breakages do happen.

We deliver by hand which further reduces breakages. If a particular bag is badly broken we will not sell it to you in the first place.

If you ordered using the Hermes courier service or by any other postage method we can not be held responsible for breakages caused by rough handling by the courier. You have to remember your parcel may be handled by a lot of different people on its journey there is no way we can control how gentle they are when handling your parcel.

The great news is that broken Broghies are not useless they are great for using with a Curry, for dipping, for eating with soup or even to make fake Crisps.  Check out our broken Broghie recipes.

If the Broghies are really badly broken then do let us know and we will see if we can put a claim in with Hermes and get you a refund from them.

We are a small company and work on tiny profit margins; the handling costs cover the preparation of your order plus things like bags, boxes and staff costs involved with getting your order ready.

Most companies would add this to the cost of the product but we don't think that is fair as if you are ordering multiple products you end up paying much more. It is a lot cheaper for you for us to just charge per order.

In a word the laws of physics

If we put them in the same box the weight of the bottles/jars would smash the Broghies. Yes there are oober strong boxes with sections but then you would be paying £2.50 extra for a box.

This varies depending on the number of bags you order or the weight of your other products.

Broghies By Post
We can only fit 4 bags of broghies in one small box so if you order 6 bags then you will be paying for two parcels if ordering by post. Better to order either 4 at a time or a larger quantity like 10 or 12 bags can be sent in one larger parcel.

Other Products By Post
These are calculated by weight and royal mail costs. They will typically be sent in one box.

Packing And Sending Costs
Please bear in mind we also need to add the cost of the box and any bubble wrap to the shipping costs. In the case of Broghies we have to buy double walled cardboard boxes to minimise the chances of breakages in transit, these are considerably more expensive than cheap single-walled boxes you might see on eBay for example.

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