Broghie Recipes

Discover all the yummy things you can do With Broghies. The only limit is your own imagination!

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Soup ‘N’ Broghie

Simply Replace Each Slice Of Bread With A Broghie And Dunk

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Tostada Broghies

Mexican style Tostada Broghies to add just a little spice to your life

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Bacon Egg And Mushroom Broghie

A delicious fried breakfast in a Broghie

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Jam On Broast

Who says you can’t enjoy that jam on toast flavour?

dipping with broghies

Low Calorie Dipping

Cut the calories from those times you just want to do some delicious dipping.

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Sausage, Bacon And Egg McBruffin

A healthier Broghie version of a McMuffin same great taste much less fat


Broghie Pizza

What ever pizza you love, make it with Broghies for a fat busting treat.

Beef Brisps Square

Broghie Beef Crisps

A satisfying replacement for those crisp cravings. Note: This is not a real product just a recipe. There is no such thing as Brisps so please don’t drive yourself nuts looking for them. If there was any such thing we would be selling them.


Broghie Egg Butty

Missing those fried egg butties? Problem solved!


Cheese On Broast

Missing cheese on toast? This recipe is for you and every bit as yummy


Tomato Soup And Broghie

A full recipe for the soup and Broghie

Wafer Broghies

Fake Sweet Wafers

A yummy low calorie alternative to sweet wafers. All the taste without the guilt.

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