Sausage, Bacon And Egg McBruffin

A healthier Broghie version of a McMuffin same great taste much less fat

Recipe Submitted By : The Grimsby Broghieman


Max Calories : 278


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Remember if you are on a weight loss plan you can omit or replace calorie-heavy ingredients.

Recommended Broghie Type: Large Wheat Or Corn


2 x Large Broghies wheat or corn depending on preference (40 cal)
1 x Tesco Pork & Herb Sausage Pattie (105 cal)
2 x bacon medallion with fat removed (58 cal)
1 Egg fried in fry light (63 cal)
squirt of ketchup or brown sauce (12 cals)

12g of grated cheese (35 cal)

Remember by buying Broghies from us you are getting them direct from the manufacturer, often they will be fresher and more crunchy than if you buy them from big retailers.


Layout two Broghies

Cook ingredients in fry light
Place cooked sausage and bacon on the Broghie
pop the egg on top yolk down and pop
Add your favourite sauce.

Optional sprinkle with 12g grated cheese

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