Lots of ways to get your Broghies and our other products even cheaper.

Save Money On Broghies And Sweet Freedom Syrups

We all love a good deal and saving money right? Well here are a few ways you can save on your Broghies or Sweet Freedom syrups at Instead Of Bread.

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Save On Postage

If you do not live in the Grimsby area and order by post you will know that the delivery charges are almost as much as the cost of the Broghies or syrups. We hate this too, unfortunately, we can not control what postal services charge. We worked hard to get you the best deal we could.

Remember we can only get 4 bags of Broghies in a single parcel, so if you order 6 bags you are paying for two parcels. Why not order 10-12 bags and split them with a friend that way we can send one larger box which is much cheaper than two separate parcels and you are also splitting the postage costs with your friend.

The old saying goes "Sharing is caring" we say "Sharing is saving"

save money on Broghies

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