What Is A Broghie?

The Million Dollar Question

A Broghie is a bowl-shaped, popped grain replacement for bread, the main difference is it has a crunch! (Unless you dunk it in soup or top it with hot food which is yummy by the way!)

While not bursting in flavour in their own right, it is all about what you put on Broghies that creates the magic. Let's face it you would probably not eat a slice of bread without putting something on it either.

When you start experimenting with Broghies you will love the versatility of these little low-carb, low-calorie, low-salt, no-fat wonders.

Sweet or savoury Broghies make an awesome snack. If you are a Slimming World, Weight Watchers or Keto member these little miracles make an excellent substitution for bread. If you are trying to lose weight on any diet or simply aiming to maintain a healthy lifestyle Broghies really are a game-changer.

Check out the recipes section to see the endless possibilities for some awesome, healthy snacking the only limit is your own imagination.


Basic Uses

Even on their own with no topping Broghies are an excellent replacement for popadoms for your homemade Indian meals. Broghies also make great taco shell replacements simply add hot mince to make them bend. Mini Broghies make great prawn cracker substitute for your home-cooked Chinese. They are also awesome simply dipped in soup for that nice soggy bread bite.

Quick Snacks

In your mind replace those two slices of bread with 1 Broghie and just add a topping. Whether it be ham and salad, a fried egg with some lean bacon or whatever else you might have in a sandwich.

Check out the recipe for a delicious low-calorie Broghie egg butty.

Broghie Club Sandwich400

Sweet Treats

Broghies are awesome for both sweet and savoury snacks.

Grab a Broghie and spread on Sweet Freedom low-calorie chocolate spread (only 13 calories per teaspoon) then slice a banana or your favourite fruit on top and drizzle with choc shot for a no-guilt sweet treat. Delicious!

Tip: Missing wafer biscuits? Grab a few mini corn Broghies drop a couple of drops of sweet freedom low-calorie golden syrup on each mini, spread around and leave for 1 minute. You won't believe how much it tastes like a sweet wafer biscuit.

The Answer To The Question "What Is A Broghie?" is...

Broghies can be whatever you want them to be, let your creative juices flow.


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