Broghies And Sweet Freedom Now Available By Post

Great news! Broghies and Sweet Freedom sauces are now available by post from This will mean we can share the miracle that is Broghies with the whole UK and not just our local area.

After doing a lot of research we found the most economical way to deliver Broghies to you by post is using Hermes. I have to say we were shocked at the price of the postage for small parcels, this is literally the best deal we could find for you.

The challenge, of course, was that Broghies are fragile in nature, however, we have sourced nice sturdy double-walled boxes to send them in and the few test packages we sent by post all arrived intact.

You can order Broghie boxes or Sweet Freedom boxes in our two new postal categories. Unfortunately, we can not put Sweet Freedom syrups and Broghies in the same parcel as the weight of the sauces breaks the Broghies in transit.

All postal orders will be in the form of small boxes of bundled products. The prices you see include the packing and delivery. There will be no extra postage added at checkout.

We have set up new sections on our site where you can order Broghies or Sweet Freedom products for postal delivery.

For Broghies you can order 2 to 4 bags in your parcel. The postage and packing cost are the same whether you order 2 or 4 bags as Hermes charge the same flat rate up to 1KG. We recommend you buy 4 bags at a time as that will save you money in the long run.

If you use Broghies all the time we have bulk boxes available which will save you even more in postage.

For Sweet Freedom, you can choose to build your own box. Just select whether you want 2, 3 or 4 items then add your choice of flavours to your box. A box of 2 will be under 1KG a box of 3 or 4 will be over 1KG. The difference in postage is just £1 so again we recommend you order these 4 at a time to save on postage.

Happy Munching, Crunching and slimming

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